OpenCart – Awesome Open-Source eCommerce platform.. better than Magento, Prestashop, etc.

I gave Prestashop a try, and found it buggy. I gave Magento a try and was instantly seduced by its polish and sophistication, however its Sssssllloooowwwww and an absolute nightmare to modify. Magento’s file structure is all over the place and simple things are never so simple to implement. Enter OpenCart, user friendly, developer friendly. Give a try, I was pleasantly pleased. What would had taken me 2 days to do in Magento I accomplished in 2 hours with OpenCart. Need a custom theme? I am for hire. Need a free installation of OpenCart? Send me an email and i would be glad to accommodate a fellow entrepreneur.

Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Manufacturers
Multi Currency
Multi Language
Product Reviews
Product Ratings
Open Source
Free Documentation
Automatic Image Resize
20+ Payment Gateways
8+ Shipping Methods

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