Insight for the small business and the role of Social Media.

Most web savvy company’s already know there is a vast market of potential customers behind the Social Media giants such as Facebook & Twitter. Below, we will look at some ideas to (hopefully) earn some good old-fashioned cash.

There is a lot of data available – too much, the trick is for the small businesses to find their ideal audience and market strategically to their niche. Throughout history, word of mouth has proven to be the most powerful way to get people animated and take action. Social Media on the web takes that approach and amplifies it by leveraging ‘local’ conversations and making them accessible to a vast network of people forever archived for discovery again and again by the curious search result. Always start local and with specifics you have little competition for in your area. Establish a solid presence and then branch outward marketing your county, neighboring county’s, your state, neighboring states, nationally and then global. It is pointless to jump into the deep end of the pool and expect to compete with the big boys when you can barely tread water. In online marketing and SEO, like most things in life, slow and steady does the trick.

Small businesses, by obvious definition, have smaller budgets to spend on advertising and less free time available in their hands to do it all themselves. Online marketing by a professional Search Engine Optimization consultant can make the expense justifiable by proving the worth of the service and its  ROI [“Return on Investment”] with clear and definite analytics. After all, the job security of the SEO consultant depends on the success of the client, so the motivating forces are a win for both party’s. A reputable SEO Agency will not ‘Guarantee’ results but rather prove them to the client with traffic statistics and market research. The guarantee is in that between the SEO efforts and the understanding of the client the path to success will be clear and the SEO services will more than pay for themselves when done right.  For example, some eCommerce clients have seen 20% increases in conversion rates by just tweaking their content to include user-generated product reviews – a good analyst can measure the results and act upon them to maximize profitability.


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