How to set up WordPress and Fluid for quick publishing.

I have tried all the Bogging desktop applications and they all missed at least one feature of the WordPress posting options. The best I found was Bloggo for OSx, but call me a cheap, I wanted a free solution.. and it still was missing some functionality.. a great app for non-powerusers that want a clean workflow with easy image uploads. I am always hacking into WordPress and Blog for several other sites full-time as an SEO consultant so i needed to get under the hood. Enter the application FLUID for OSx, fluid as mentioned in my earlier post regarding Google Task as a desktop application, allows you to make an application out of any webpage.

The only needed tweek to get it working with wordpress is the following,

  • Set the URL to: – Obviously replace YOURBLOG with your own Url.
  • Add an icon if you wish and launch it!
  • In order to use it properly you will need to go to preferences, advanced, and make sure you allow navigation to any url.


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